Crack the McCartney Code!

KEY 101 welcomes Paul McCartney to the Spokane Arena on Thursday, April 28th! Listen beginning Monday, February 21st through Thursday, February 24th in the 10 a, 1 p, 3p & 5p hours for us to announce the numbers in the “McCartney Code”.  Collect all four numbers (in order) and be ready to call Kent Jones the next morning at 509-232-1011.  Be the correct caller, give the exact McCartney Code and you’ll win a pair of tickets before they go on sale here on February 25th!

If the correct caller does not give the correct code, the tickets will be locked away for future opportunities to win.
There will be a new McCartney Code each weekday, so listen carefully and be ready to win your way into the show with KEY 101. Our general contest rules apply.