Jingle Bell Rock Contest Rules

A prize of a $2000.00 gift card from Jewelry Design Center (“prize”) is being offered for finding and presenting for verification the official Jingle Bell Rock (“rock”) between November 28 th , 2022 and December 21st, 2022.

Clues to the location of the rock will be announced on Key 101 at approximately 7:40 am each weekday beginning Monday, November 28 th , 2022 and will continue each weekday until the rock is presented and verified as the official Jingle Bell Rock.

Clues will not be repeated over the phone or any other time during the day. Listeners must hear the clue as announced on the air. Key 101 is not responsible for listener distractions or radio malfunctions. We recommend listeners ask friends and family to also listen for the clues to be sure not to miss any. A complete list of clues given to date plus a special additional clue will be available at specified times and locations during the run of the contest. Listen to Key 101 for dates, times, and locations to get the list of clues.

No tools or special permissions are needed to find the rock. Please play responsibly. Key 101, Stephens Media Group, and the contest sponsor are not responsible for injuries or infringements that may occur while searching for the rock. The rock can be found legally and safely.

Once the Jingle Bell Rock is found, the player must call 509-444-6797 to announce a pending claim to the prize and arrange for verification at our studios. Clues will continue to be announced until the rock is presented and officially verified at our studios and a winner is declared.
Contestant must present the rock at the Key101 studios, 1601 E. 57 th Ave, at the arranged time during regular business hours. The rock must be verified as the official Jingle Bell Rock to qualify. Only the specially marked rock will be accepted. Once verified, a winner will be declared, announced on the air, and the contest will end.

The prize will be presented to the winner at a future date in the form of a gift card. The winner is
responsible for all taxes on the winnings. A Form W9 must be completed by the winner in order to
accept the prize. The prize will be awarded to one designated person. If multiple players worked together to find the Jingle Bell Rock, the designated person will be responsible for distributing the prize among players as they have agreed.

If the Jingle Bell Rock is not redeemed by 5:00 pm Wednesday, December 21 st , 2022, the contest shall end and the prize shall be forfeited.