Jingle Bell ROCK!

Somewhere in the metro area, a special rock has been placed waiting to be found.
It’s not buried. It’s not on private property. It’s not on anyone’s business property. No special
permissions or tools are needed to find it. In fact, you might just stumble upon it.
When you find it, bring it to us and win a $2000 gift card to Jewelry Design Center!
But where is it?

Starting Monday, November 28th, clues to the rock’s location will be given each morning on the Kent Jones Morning Show at 7:40 am. Write down the clues and put them together to determine where to find the Jingle Bell Rock.

You may want your family and friends to help you decipher the clues so you
get to the rock before anyone else! Miss a clue? No worries. Kent will be at locations around town to give you the complete list of clues given so far, plus a special clue you can only get from Kent at that time. Listen to Key101 to know when and where Kent will be.

Listen for the clues. Put them all together. Find the Jingle Bell Rock. Win! Good luck! … from Key101.

Click here for official contest rules