Motion Auto Supply – Spokane’s Auto Part Experts

All of our locations sell both wholesale and retail parts and accessories. Motion Auto Supply is affiliated with Federated Auto Parts, which consists of 100 automotive warehouses and over 3,800 parts stores across the U.S.
With 100’s of years of combined experience in the industry, our staff has the experience to help solve your automotive problems.
Parts Wholesalers, Inc. is a 100% locally employee owned company consisting of 8 store locations and doing business as Automotive Jobbers Supply and Motion Auto Supply. We have grown to over 100 employees in two states. We also supply parts to over 50 independently owned jobber stores in Washington, Idaho and Montana. We are the premier wholesale and retail distributor of auto parts and accessories in our market area. We are proud of the long history our company has had in and around Spokane.

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